Rapid Volume Lashes 0.05

Rapid Volume Lashes 0.05

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These are not like your typical easy fans that have chunky gluggy thick bases . Our rapid volume are Soft & fluffy 0.05 that don’t collapse . These lashes have been designed especially for those who struggle with fan making.. Make full russian volume in the same time it takes to make classics

These have been carefully engineered with a little tackiness that remains on the base - no big gluggy Chunks only a small  amount  which means you can still make those bases nice & slim ..the way to do this is to control how many you pick up. 

These still require a little  fanning in order to keep base super slim  but do not collapse on pick up & attachment.

Volumetric calculator knowledge recommended so you can keep those Natural lashes healthy.

Demonstration on fanning these available on our IG @grace_lashpro