The Lash Keepers

Digital thermometer / humidity reader


Use to monitor your room environment in order to purchase the ideal  adhesive for specific to your room  .. most poor retention is usually the incorrect adhesive for your room environment. 

If humidity reading is low (under 50%) you need to source a low humidity glue. All our adhesives work the best in 50-70% humidity. 

Humidity above 70% is considered very high and most adhesives will cure too quick in the environment (meaning it will cure before you place on the lash and fall off prematurely)

To lower your humidity you can turn on air conditioner on DRY or use a dehumidifier. To increase humidity mist regularly & use a humidifier. 



  • Temperature unit: °C
  • Indoor temperature measurement range: -10°C ~ + 50°C (14°F ~ 122°F)
  • Humidity Range: 20%-99% 
  • Easy to read LCD screen 

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