The Lash Keepers

Ultra Foam hydrating under eye pads


Our Ultra thick Hydrogel lint free pads are made from  non-woven fabric and formulated with hydro-gel  providing the most luxurious feel abs comfort for your client .

Ultra tacky providing secure attachment and no movement reducing lower lashes coming up and higher safety from tweezer discomfort for those that can forget and lean too heavy onto eyepads .


The outer cover includes  plastic liner and laminated PE film to protect from dryness and provide hydration effectiveness  for a long time .

This style of  eye pads not only protects your clients eyes when you apply the eyelash extensions, but will also provide much soothing hydration and moisture which helps to tighten  skin and temporarily remove wrinkles for wonderful photos post service. 

We recommend removing these eye pads  slowly once service is complete as they sit very secure and snug on the skin.  

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