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Rapid Volume Lashes 0.05


Our rapid volume range allows you to make INSTANT Russian volume fans without them collapsing or crisscrossing on the base.

Our Rapid lashes have been designed especially for those who struggle with fan making.. Now you can Make a complete volume set at the same time it takes to make classics.

Our rapid volume lashes have been carefully engineered with a little tackin5ess on the base - no thick & gluggy Chunks EVER  which means you can still make the bases nice & slim ..the way to do this is to control how many lashes you pick up. 

We recommend a little fanning still in order to keep the base super slim.

Volumetric calculator knowledge recommended so you can keep those Natural lashes healthy.

Demonstration on fanning these available on our IG @grace_lashpro or send us a DM for a demonstration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy fanning for beginners

Bases are still thin, fan easily and look like handmade fans. Quality product that I will keep purchasing!

Juliana Caldas
Not like other rapid volume

I was apprehensive to try these after seeing the ad as most I tried have thick glue on the bottom .. These instant fans however have no residue and I’m able to make the fans pointy like a hand made fan !
Sometimes I mix these with my hand made sets to save me time .

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