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Hand made MEGA volume fans 10D 0.05


First on the market ! Ultra light, ultra fluffy hand made mega volume fans never seen before with pointy snatched bases! 

These are NOT like other Premade fans that have chunky/thick bases, these bases are heat bonded and beautifully pointy bottoms for that perfect attachment.

Each fan is 0.05 10D in diameter (Suitable for healthy lashes only) volumetric calculator awareness recommended (To give you an idea 1 x 9D is equivalent to 1 x 0.15 classic lash) 

10 fans on each line, 12 lines = 120 fans on each tray .. to give you an idea you would need 1 & a half trays for a full set of mega volume on an average client & less for infills, hybrid sets & for clients with less then average lash count. (Average being 90 natural lashes per eye) 

Apply like a classic lash! 

Tag us in your sets @grace_lashpro for a chance to be featured. 

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